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Session 18
by Randall Morgan

A day early, but a little different for reasons I think you will find intuitively obvious. Randall

Doctor's Notes: Not surprisingly, BK cancelled his appointment. He said he is still in Pittsburgh, but will be back in New York at the end of the week for a social event, and may be staying after that, so he'll be in for his next regularly scheduled appointment.

I doubt that very seriously, if he is still with Jeffrey Walker.

Walker's psychotic need for control will not permit BK the freedom to see a professional about his problems. Walker knows he is perhaps BK's most pressing problem at the present time and that I would work with BK to help him realize that and reach a solution.

More importantly to Walker, he may well know that if BK is telling me everything, I would question his medical ethics and perhaps pursue a complaint against him. His incredibly inflated ego would be devastated by such an action, since he views his healing powers as godlike and impeccable.

He would be right to be concerned.

I've been in communication with my attorney about what my rights and responsibilities are in a situation like this. I have to be careful to protect BK's privacy and identity, and yet I'm obligated to come forward if I believe Walker is misusing his position of trust and his professional access to the detriment of my patient.

I have no doubt that he is doing just that.

I also know Jeffrey Walker is not only well respected in his field, but he's wealthy and from a politically powerful family. I mention this because I know by filing a complaint against him, I will incur his wrath. More importantly to me, even though I protect BK's identity, it will be obvious to Walker that BK is the one who gave me the information I needed in order to file.

I am very afraid for BK.

He is already so deeply entranced by Walker's having made himself indispensable to Molly's care that he is extremely defenseless and vulnerable. What I would like to see happen is that BK would pull free of Walker before I make this filing. Otherwise, I sense the danger to him could be extreme. He would be the one person who could hang Walker when an investigation is opened.

Because of my concern, I have asked that BK meet with me on Friday, when he comes to New York and before his social event. I plan to attempt a direct intervention to see if I can force him to distance himself from Walker, at least temporarily. If I fail at that, I'm talking to my attorney about whether I should alert the police to my concern for BK's safety.

The fact that he's been so depressed and acting so far out of character sets him up perfectly for an apparent suicide, which I know is not on his horizon. But there are many ways a doctor can make a murder look like a suicide, and with BK silenced, the case against Walker loses much of it's danger. While this sounds fantastic rather than realistic, I'm not convinced Walker is incapable of such extreme measures if he feels public humiliation is imminent.

BK agreed to meet with me late Friday afternoon. I am preparing my complaint with the assistance of my attorney and I plan to file on the following Monday. Hopefully, by then, I will have convinced BK his life is in danger and have seen to it that he is safely removed from this threat. If I'm unable to convince BK to leave Walker, I'll have to reconsider how to proceed in light of my legitimate concern for his safety.

I am having lunch today with the head of Pediatric Oncology at the teaching hospital where Walker did his residency. He is an old friend and I hope I can confirm some insights into Walker's character without giving away any information.

I've asked BK to call me if he experiences any undue pressure or fears before Friday. He sounds utterly deflated on the telephone, but he assures me he is still taking his anti-depressants. From what I can discern, Molly's condition has improved slightly.

This will be a difficult week for all.


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July 25, 2004