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Letters Home

Brian and Justin (NC-17)
For all you night owls, even if I write another series before doing a sequel, I thought it would be fun to see what Justin and Brian write home about their travels together. So, I plan to post periodic letters home to give us all a chance to share their "honeymoon" from their perspective. Not a real writing challenge, just fun. Here you go, with love from Randall.

Well, Here I am, back again for the moment! Just thought you may want to see where the boys are and how they are doing....R.

DARK CANAL [A private episode for the gals at the Detroit par-tay]
Somehow, I think it may have been a trick of our detroit ladies, the hot little fiction I wrote them did NOT get saved on my computer! So, unless Roz still has it in soft format and can post it. we're screwed. THe good news is... well, there isn't any good news except the ladies seemed to have a great time! ROZ CAN YOU SAVE ME FROM THE MOB???? Randall
Roz (wearing her superhero outfit) comes to the rescue of our dear Randall.

LETTERS HOME - On the Road, part III
Latest from the boiz. Brian gets extravagant. Ted gets envious. Justin gushes. R.

LETTERS HOME - Tuscany, Italy - Lost , part IV
Gotta run, but wanted to post before I go. Will learn how to post on new web site when I get home. R.

LETTERS HOME - Florence, Italy - I, part V
The next installment.

LETTERS HOME - Florence, Italy - II, part VI
Here's the next installment of Letters. The boys see the big naked guy..... Enjoy! R.

LETTERS HOME - Florence, Italy - III, part VII
The boiz are still in Florence.

LETTERS HOME - Rome, Italy - I, part VIII
The boys are in Rome. Don't we wish WE were??? R.

LETTERS HOME - Rome, Italy - II, part IX
Here is the second installment from Rome. Enjoy. Randall

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July 25, 2004