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Well, Here I am, back again for the moment! Just thought you may want to see where the boys are and how they are doing....R.

VENICE, ITALY---continued

Hotel Danieli

Dear Linds,

It's very late here. Justin is sound asleep. I had one too many Bellini's at Harry's Bar, and I feel wired. Can I be romantic with you? There's no one else I can share this with, so be kind. If I didn't love him already, Venice would cause me to fall in love with him because it is truly the most romantic city in the world. Not only is it incredibly beautiful and strangely mysterious, but it has this light unlike any I have seen elsewhere in the world. It's almost violet, but with a gold aura that makes the shabbiest of villas appear magical.

This hotel is a small gem, incredibly expensive, but worth every penny. I watch him sleep against the white linens, the French doors to our terrace open to the canal. Sometimes the voice of a gondolier crooning to his passengers floats up to our room and I'm shamefully moved by it. This golden child-man is a perpetual delight to me, brave, funny, sexy, so open with his emotions and so accessible to his feelings. How could I almost let him get away? I lose my breath when I think of how close we came to disaster.

We spent the afternoon at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. I thought of you often. The art enclosed in that structure is incredible. What a lady she must have been! The palace that holds the collection is amazing. Meant to be four stories, they never built beyond the first, so it resembles a foundation with a roof! Justin is a delight at an art museum, "educating" me with his recently acquired knowledge of art. I pretend to be illuminated. His enthusiasm makes the charade enjoyable.

We leave tomorrow for our next destination, and that makes me feel sad. I bought Gus a great model of a gondola that he can even float in his tub! Guess I'd better slide in beside my partner and gently awake him and ensure we don't waste our last night in Venice by sleeping. When I'm sober, I'd tear this up, cringing at how sappy and romantic it is, so I'm sealing it up and giving it to the concierge to mail off to you. I'll blame it all on the alcohol. Kiss Gus for me. Ciao, Brian

Hotel Danieli

Dear Emmett,

Hi Girlfriend! Brian is sound asleep even though it's almost noon. We were supposed to check out at noon, but I got them to extend our checkout time so he can rest. It's hell getting old! LOL! Although you wouldn't have guessed his age last night. It was sooooooooo romantic! The restaurant overlooked the Grand Canal, the food was divine, and then we drank Bellini's in Harry's Bar. They invented the drink there, some kind of potent peach thingie. It knocks you on your ass!

Brian had to pour me into bed, but he woke me up later in his usual fashion and we spent the rest of the night going at each other like rabid badgers. Italy seems to have a veeeery invigorating effect on Signor Kinney! He is so handsome that everyone we pass stops to look at him in his Italian clothes and cool shades. He looks more Italian and fashionable than they do! If it sounds like I'm crazy about him, that's because I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We leave today (WAH!) and I know I will always miss Venice. It is so romantic, and beautiful and mystical. I don't see how anything can match this. Uh-oh, Brian is stirring, and I know that look on his face. GOTTA GO! Hugs and kisses to everyone!



American Express Fraud Department:

Via E-mail from Hotel Danieli, Venice, Italy

I have reviewed the attached charges totaling $7614. 82 (U.S.). I can verify that these charges are valid. I will be traveling in Italy for a couple weeks, and expect to amass additional expenses. I appreciate your inquiry, and the care your company takes to ensure my card has not been stolen.

As you requested, my code word to verify the validity of my identity is "R.Ranger". Please let me know if I approach the credit limit on this card in the future, as I will arrange a special payment from my bank. Thanks again,

Brian A. Kinney


Can you wire a couple hundred dollars to the American Express Office in Florence for me to pick up when we arrive? Brian is paying for everything, but I'd at least like to buy him a drink occasionally! Thanks, I'll pay you back.



P.S. How is Mol????

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July 25, 2004