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On the Road - Part III

Latest from the boiz. Brian gets extravagant. Ted gets envious. Justin gushes. R.

On the Road...

From a mobile phone:

Brian: Ted! Can you hear me?

Ted: Brian? Is that you?

Brian: I'm calling from...I don't know. Somewhere between Venice and Florence.

Ted: I'm answering from Pittsburgh, so shut the fuck up!

Brian: HA! Anyway, I found something I have to have. Tell me if I have enough cash on hand to get it.

Ted: When are you going to get a real accountant? One who doesn't run a porn business?

Brian: You know I don't trust anyone else with my money. Here's the deal. I found this bike I want to buy...

Ted: Yes, Brian, you can afford a bike.

Brian: It's a Moto Guzzi V 11 Sport Scura. Matte black, electronic fuel injection, nasty, man! It's only about fourteen grand, American, but I want two of them.

Ted: How can you ride two bikes at once?

Brian: One's for the baby! (Justin's voice in the background, "shut UP!")

Ted: Can't you just rent them?

Brian: I want to ship them home after we ride them around Italy. So transfer some funds into my Bank of America account, to cover. I'll have the dealer call you and arrange payment.

Ted: You sure you want to spend thirty grand on souvenirs from Italy?

Brian: Not souvenirs, Teddy, MOTO GUZZI!

Ted: You guys must be having a splendid time from the sound of it.

Brian: Italian food, Italian wine, Italian waiters, Italian motorcycles, Italian linens, what more can a man ask? Oh yeah, and an American blond.

Ted: Sounds good to me. Miss the old gang?

Brian: Yeah, right.

Ted: I hear ya. You guys be careful on those bikes.

Brian: Sure thing, Mommy.

Ted: I'll arrange it with the dealer.

Brian: Grazi, Teddy.

Ted: Can I say hello to Justin?

Brian: Sure. Hold on. Ciao, Ted.

Ted: Ciao.

Justin: Hi, Teddy!

Ted: How's it goin', kid?

Justin: Wheeeeeeeeee! Brian's buying me a motorcycle!

Ted: So I hear. You two having fun?

Justin: Life is good, Ted.

Ted: After all you guys have been through, you deserve a good life.

Justin: Don't tell anyone, but I looooooove him!

Ted: Don't tell anyone, but we knooooow.

Justin: Teddy, I never want to come back.

Ted: Forget it. Brian can't afford it at this rate.

Justin: It's not the money, it's the romance!

Ted: Life is not so romantic when you're slinging hash in some dive in Naples to pay the rent on the palazzo.

Justin: Brian says he would sell my ass to sailors. HA!

Ted: Brian would say that. Is he good, Justin? All better?

Justin: No, not good. PERFECT!

Ted: Brian Kinney perfect. No, does not compute.

Justin: He's telling me to hang up, that this call will cost more than a bike! Give our love to everyone!

Ted: Sure thing, kid. Be careful over there.

Justin: No time for careful, just time for FUN! Ciao, Ted.

Ted: See ya.

Mikey: Bought two bikes today. Moto Guzzi Scura's (that's it on the flip side of this card). Going broke. Don't care. Having the time of my life. Never knew it could be this good. Worried. When will the night fall and it will all be gone? Too good to be true. Gulp. B.

Daph: Brian bought me a motorcycle today! It's the one on the other side of this card. SO FINE! We are going to ride them all over Italy! Could ANYONE have a better boyfriend?! This happiness will never end. Brian and Justin 4-ever. Hugs, Justin

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July 25, 2004