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Tuscany, Italy - Lost

Gotta run, but wanted to post before I go. Will learn how to post on new web site when I get home. THANKS AGAIN PFYRE!!! R.

Tuscany, Italy


Dear Mom,

Sorry to be writing this on a napkin, but we stopped for lunch across from a post office and it seemed fortuitous, so here goes. We are kind of lost. Don't worry, not serious. We have a map and we'll find Florence, or Firenze, as they say over here. It's just that in Italy, it doesn't matter if you plan a route and stick to it or meander along the backroads because everything is worth a stop.

We came here, to this small, terraced village because we were hungry and just had a perfect lunch. I have yet to get bad food in Italy. Mom, there's a house up on a hill here, overlooking the orchards and grape vines. It's ancient, several hundred years old, and painted a faded ochre color. We stopped at the gates, because I had such a weird feeling of destiny about this house. I told Justin, 'Someday we'll live here together'. He thought I have been out in the sun too long, but I mean it. I just feel it, and you know me and my Irish intuition.

We're having a great time. All of my exhaustion is gone, I feel rested and healthy again. I've even put on a couple pounds that I lost during, well, you know, but I'm watching it. You know I'm a nazi about my weight. How are things there? Are you and Jennifer still seeing each other socially? It's nice when the "in laws" get along. (Ha, ha.)

As for Justin, he's great. He's perfect, in fact. Mom, I'm very very happy. I feel truly blessed right now. If the rest of my life is one trial after another, I can't complain, because I've had this, and not many people can know the way this feels. I bought you a crucifix in a little shop here. It was blessed by your favorite pope, the other John Paul, who died really early in his "popedom", you know I can never remember the numbers of those guys. I think you'll like it.

Well, better go. Back on the road to TRY and find Florence before dark. Tell everyone hello.



Dear Mom,

Please keep the envelope this came in and the picture. I sketched it of Brian as he wrote a note to his Mom when we stopped for lunch somewhere in Tuscany. He looked so peaceful, so beautiful, I had to draw him.

We are having a fabulous time. We are so happy together, I wish we could stay here forever. Brian found a house he wants to buy, but don't worry. It's a MANSION and he said he will wait until he's old and gray and RICH! HAHAHAHHAHA.

Living with Brian forever in Tuscany??? Oh yeah, things could be worse!!! I adore him. Don't forget to save the envelope and sketch. I intend to frame them together and surprise him with them later. Tell Mol hello.



Wire to Ted Schmidt from Brian Kinney:

Found house I want to buy stop How long will it take me to amass two million dollars at my current rate stop are there any tax advantages to buying an international property stop can I write it off stop don't mention this to anyone stop send response to Excelsior Hotel in Florence stop checking in soon stop

Dear Mol,

Brian said when you grow up and marry your prince, you have to honeymoon in Italy. He said he'll own a house here by then, and you and your prince can enjoy it together. I think he's right. This is a magical place and you have to love forever the man who brings you here! It's the LAW!!!!!! We are riding motorcycles that Brian bought. I enclose a photo of Brian on his bike for you. Isn't he GORGEOUS????

He bought you a surprise at an antique store here, but I won't ruin it by telling you what it is. We miss you, Mol. We were sooooooo happy to talk to you on the phone and you sound so GOOD!!!! I know you're looking forward to going home next week. Mom's been lonely there, all alone.

By the way, I think dandelions are CUTE so the fact that your hair is growing in like a dandelion is COOL. Is my bone marrow happy?? Are you treating it well? Does it miss me???? It never thought it would turn into a GIRL!! EWWWWWWW!!!!! Hahahaha.

Be good and look for a gift in the mail.



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July 25, 2004