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Florence, Italy II - Part VI

Here's the next installment of Letters. The boys see the big naked guy..... Enjoy! R.

Florence, Italy - II

(On the mobile phone.)

Justin: I'm standing in line to see Michelangelo's statue of David at the Galleria del' Accademia.

Molly: David who?

Justin: Oh, some tall, naked guy, who looks kind of like Brian.

Molly: Ewwww!

Justin: I thought you believed Brian was a prince, he was so handsome.

Molly: Yeah, but NOT nekkid! Ewwwww!

Justin: (Turning to Brian.) Molly thinks you would look yucky naked.

Brian: Give me the fucking phone. (Brian wrenches it from Justin's hand.) Hi, princess.

Molly: (giggles.) Hi! Why are you standing in line to see a nekkid man?

Brian: ( Winces at having to pass up such a beautiful opening. If it were anyone but Molly...) Your brother is being silly. The statue of David is one of the greatest masterpieces in the whole wide world.

Molly: Does he look like you?

Brian: Well, we're both men. In some ways David wins, in some ways I win. (Smiles ironically at Justin as he cups his package. Justin laughs.)

Molly: When are you coming home?

Brian: Not for awhile, kiddo. You like being back in your old room at home?

Molly: Oh yes! I can't go play or go to movies or anything for awhile because my immunities have to get better, but I can sit in the back yard and play video games and play with the dog.

Brian: It's great to hear that you're doing so much better. We'll come visit you on the way home. Here's your brother again. Bye Molly.

Molly: Bye Brian. I love you.

Brian: I love you, too. (Hands the phone to Justin, ignoring his mocking smile.)

Justin: How's Mom?

Molly: Good. She went out on a date.

Justin: Mom had a date?

(Brian smirks at Justin, who frowns.)

Justin: Who took her out?

Molly: Some man.

Justin: That's helpful. What man?

Molly: I don't know. A tall man.

Justin: Who stayed with you?

Molly: Mrs. Kinney, Brian's mama.

Justin: Well, tell her hello. We're in the gallery now, Mol. I'd better go.

Molly: Ok. Later, Justy.

Justin: Later, Mol.

Molly: Kiss Brian for me.

Justin: Will do.

(End of call.)


You can see from the photo on the other side that the David, while beautiful, got shorted when the packages went out. In real life, the statue is enormous, and I have to admit, breathtaking. An American tourist who was there when we were told me I had his chin and nose. Justin thinks I have his legs and ass. I'd LIKE to have his abs! I bought you one of the copies to dress up your tacky little store. Bought Deb a refrigerator magnet of David. Bought myself a mouse pad that is JUST his dick and balls! HA! Justin did several sketches of him. He is so incredibly talented. I intend to frame one when we return. Is everything ok at home? You sounded kind of funny on the phone the other day. Off to the Duomo, Campanile and the Baptistry. Drawback: viewing incredible art with an artist. He can spend an hour on one painting or sculpture and the city is loaded with masterpieces. Oh well. Hi to Ben. Give Gus a hug for me. B.

Dear Linds.

I can't even tell you how moving it was to see the statue in person, and I was stunned by how much Brian resembles the David (well, Brian has it all over him in the penis department!). Florence is an incredible city for people like you and me, who love art. He gets a little impatient with me. I spent so long looking at the Ghiberti doors at the Baptistry, Brian had already gone through the whole building when I finally walked inside! The golden doors depicting various Bible scenes were named the Gates of Paradise by Micelangelo. Each panel is an amazing work, but my favorite may be Abraham and the Sacrifice of Issac. While I went through the Baptistry, Brian shopped. We met up at the hotel in the late afternoon for a, ummmmmmm, "NAP". LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! We still have Duomo, Campanile, Santa Croce, Ufizzi, San Lorenzo...we may have to MOVE here! Oh, you should see the black leather coat Brian bought himself. So HOT! They have great leather here. I love the pace. Everyone dines late and then sits around the piazzas or goes to clubs. So we take a leisurely late afternoon in the room, then go out around nine. We sleep in and spend the rest of the day taking in the treasures of Florence. Brian is so rested now, he looks wonderful and has all his wit and vinegar back! Hi to Mel and hugs to Gus!

Love, Justin

(P.S. I enclose one of my sketches of the David for you. It's not that good, but at least it's drawn from the real thing! )

Dear Mom,

Thanks for the money! Who are you dating?

Love, Justin

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July 25, 2004