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Florence, Italy III - Part VI

The boiz are still in Florence.

Florence, Again.


I quit today. I couldn't see one more cathedral, one more masterpiece, one more museum. It's not that I'm not impressed with everything this city has to offer, incredible works of beauty, but it's feeling less like a vacation and more like a short course in Italian art. Of course, the kid, being an artist himself, can't get enough. So we agreed to split up for the day. He went to the rest of the sites on the list, I went shopping.

There's a place here called Vampiro. It's symbol is the Vampire Bat which is embossed on all their goods. Leather stuff. The company was begun by monks who made sandals for the brethren. Unsure where the vampire thing came from. Anyway, beautiful leather, soft and supple. Spent way too much and shipped it home so Justin wouldn't even see it. He worries that I spend too much. (Yes, I got you a little something, don't WHINE! It's not easy finding leather in children's sizes. HA HA!)

So then I went on the old bridge across the Arno River where shop after shop sells gold by the yard and by the ounce. Incredible shine! This must be where every middle aged man wearing chains against a hairy chest comes to shop. I did get your Mom, my Mom, his Mom, and Cynthia some souvenirs. I also got Molly a little locket shaped like a heart.

Next stop a gallery with great contemporary art. I bought a couple pieces for the loft. Nothing major. An acrylic vase and a pair of very interesting candlesticks. Perfect for my Italian table. Oh, and I got Linds a nice little watercolor of the cityscape. Shipped it all home.

Finally I bought this stationary at a shop near the hotel. Florence is known for its fine stationary. Note the flame stitched liner paper in the envelope. And then I went to a little café and sat outside sipping wine and watching the world go by. It was perfect! Around five, Justin was part of that world walking by and I reeled him in and listened to him enthuse about the masterpieces he had seen.

I realized that sitting there with him, just talking about what we did, was the best part of the whole damn day. Would it had been a great afternoon without this? Yes. But I wouldn't give this up for a string of great afternoons alone. Tomorrow, we are riding our bikes into the countryside of Tuscany, just to enjoy the scenery and absorb some local color.

We're in our hotel suite right now. He's napping after the usual romp together. I'll wake him up soon to shower and dress for a late dinner. Afterwards, we may go dance at a club the concierge told me about. Or we may just come back here and fuck ourselves blind. Choice is a lovely thing.



Hi Daphne!

I'm borrowing some of B.'s fancy stationary. Wonder what he paid for this??? We did our own separate thing today. He shopped and I went to see more of the wonders of art contained in this city. It wasn't the same without him. Oh, the art was incredible, but I like being able to point things out to him, tell him things about the pieces that I learned in art history, and just be beside him, touching his hand or leaning against his body.

So I don't want to do that again.

I kept wondering what he was doing, where he was, missing him. We met up at a café, and I felt peaceful for the first time.

Can I tell you a secret?

He looks just like Donatello's David. Fey, beautiful, enigmatic. He also looks like the big David, so maybe he WAS David in another life. It's almost three in the morning here and he's asleep. Naked in the bed, the covers thrown back, he is so beautiful, I can't believe he's real. I can't believe we were ever apart. Never again.

Listen, girl, I heard my Mom went out with someone. Who? When? Where did they go? Whazzup? I demand details! LOL! Seriously, see what you can find out. I'll call you soon and see what you know. I bought you a little souvenir today. Not telling. It was cheap, but it's cool. Gonna go crawl in beside him and get some rest.



P.S. Today, at Santa Croce, I was looking at a marble bust protected behind glass and I saw this reflection over my shoulder, in the glass of the case. The reflection reminded me of Dr. Demento! EWWWW! When I turned around, the guy was lost in the crowd. I never saw him again. I didn't mention it to Brian, because I know it ISN'T Dr. Demento, and mentioning it would just upset him. Anyway, it was odd. (Imagine the theme from Twilight Zone playing here!)

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July 25, 2004