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Rome - Part II

Here is the second installment from Rome. Enjoy. Randall

Rome - part II

Dear Linds,

We went to the Vatican today. My mom would be so proud. Believe it or not, the walls are still standing after Brian Kinney entered this sacred ground. I bought my mommy a rosary blessed by the pope. I hope that puts me back in the will. HA! From the get-go I hated the place. Justin is able to enjoy it for the secular love of the art without all the myth and religion attached to it. Just as you would be. Neither of you ever got rapped on the knuckles by nuns or instilled with the guilt of a hundred inquisitions.

He could put aside the Church's view of gays and just admire the masterpieces. Because he is such a fucking WASP! Lucky little shit. The truth is, I didn't even like the entrance. You have to go up this dumb circular, ascending ramp like a mini version of the Guggenheim without the art. Is this what it's like to get into heaven? If so, I hope you die wearing flat shoes, babe.

From that point on, you overdose on the incredible riches of artifacts collected by the Church. From ancient Rome to the classic Greeks, to all the Italian masters. But there's also Rembrandt, Vermeer, and an incredible, small portrait by da Vinci. I started to overdose on the masterpieces. YAWN, another Botticelli angel. YAWN another Fiorucci or is that the guy with the leather? Whatever!

And then we entered the Sistine Chapel. The fucking Sistine Chapel, Linds! It's been restored to its former true colors that were hidden under centuries of grime. Justin wandered off, in a daze or overdose of brilliance, and I looked up and...I can tell you this. I almost fell to my knees. The...the...shit, what are the right words? The emotional impact of seeing that fresco is beyond expression. It was as if the heavens opened up and we were allowed a glimpse into what really happens up there. Beyond the world of the mortals.

The genius of it, the technical expertise, the imagination required to be able to conceive of such a concept and then to EXECUTE it with such incomparable perfection....wow. It almost made me proud to be a Catholic! HA! Ok, a fallen Catholic. Almost. As if the Church would welcome me back. We all know the answer to that.

Justin had to drag me out of there. I couldn't go to St. Peter's. I was on religious overdose. Any more exposure to piety may have turned me into a pillar of salt. We agreed to go tomorrow and spent the rest of the afternoon getting smashed in a sidewalk café before we wandered back to the hotel and broke a bunch of Church laws and probably most of the laws of Italy as well.

Never tell anyone about my so called "religious experience", okay? Too hard to explain. Give Gus a big kiss for me.



Dear Mol,

Guess what I saw today? A man called Michelangelo painted your picture on the ceiling of a chapel here in Rome. You are the perfect little angel in the corner. See the upper right corner of the picture on the other side of this card. Red hair? Your face? Know what this means? You were an angel centuries ago, and finally God let you come down to make earth a slightly happier place. We appreciate the fact he let you stay.

Love you, Brian

Dear Mom,

It's not often I see Brian transfixed by art. In fact, he gets tired of my spending so much time in museums. And you KNOW how he feels about the Church. But today we saw the Sistine Chapel and I thought he was going to swoon or something. It is a remarkable work of art. The creation of Adam that we all know so well, is in the center, but other panels portray various biblical and religious historical themes.

I wasn't prepared for the awed impact it had on me but I really wasn't prepared for Brian to react the way he did. We go back to the Vatican and St. Peter's tomorrow. He didn't want to muddy his reaction by looking at other art after seeing the chapel.

He insisted there's an angel in a panel that looks just like Mol. He has so idealized my rotten little sister! LOL!!!!!!!!! Seriously, there is a faint resemblance but not so marked as the resemblance of Michelangelo's depictions of ultimate male beauty and Brian Kinney. It's kind of scary. Maybe he lived before to inspire the great master!

Anyway, this is weird. While Brian was hypnotized by the chapel, I glimpsed a face in the crowd that looked just like, GULP, Jeffrey Walker!! I would have drawn Brian's attention to him, but by the time I got him back in focus, the guy was gone. Besides, I don't want to upset him by reminding him of bad old times.

We're so happy, Mom. No one has ever had a honeymoon to top this one. I will never think of Italy without remembering how I feel right now. The old trouble with Walker seems to have happened in another lifetime. What happened to him anyway? Has he had a trial? Is he a defrocked doc? Is he in jail? One more day here, next stop Portofino. Or is it Naples and Pompeii? I'm confused. I don't really care so long as I'm with Brian.

Give Mol a hug, love,


P.S. Who are you dating??? Does Dad know??? How did he react?????


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July 25, 2004