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I know some writers believe in the neverending story. I'm not one of them. I like to end one and then toss the characters up and see where they land in another situation. So here is the long delayed (SORRY!) ending to Mickey Dee. ENJOY!

(You may recall in the last episode, Brian reunites Dee and Aidan in the old farmhouse where Aidan is now living. She tells him about their son, Mick. This takes place three months after that revelation.)

Three months later.

Justin was still asleep. Brian got up, ran a couple miles on the treadmill, blended a protein shake for breakfast and took a long, hot shower. Sitting on the couch, listlessly flipping through the paper, he realized he was feeling no better than when he first awoke. His unease was ridiculous, and he knew it, but knowing it and fixing it were two different things. When Justin crept up behind the couch and encircled Brian's neck with his arms, Brian was startled, not having heard him approach.

"You're jumpy," Justin said, wearing only his briefs as he sat beside him and kissed his cheek.

"Am I?"

"Yes. Nervous?"

"Why should I be nervous? I'm not the one getting married."

"You're standing up with Aidan."

"Big fucking deal. All I have to do is stand there and hand him the ring."

"Baby, is it Dee? The fact that she was your girlfriend?"

"Don't call me 'baby', and no. Why would I give a shit about that? I just wonder why the big rush? They haven't seen each other in almost twenty years, but as soon as they do, they start dating and now this? I'm not sure Mick is that happy about it, either. He's just getting to know Aidan. Now he's going to be family? That's a lot to ask of a kid that age."

Justin leaned back against the couch. "Mick is cool with it. He likes Aidan." Justin and Mick, separated in age by only a few years, had become good friends. He was very likely to know how Mick was responding to the marriage of his mother to Brian's uncle, the man who was also Mick's natural father.

"Whatever. I think it's too soon."

"Brian, you'll agree with me that your knowledge of when two straight people should tie the knot is based on bullshit and not personal experience, right?"

Brian scowled at him. "If that means I'm not straight, and I've never been married, right. But that doesn't mean I left my brains at the door."

"You're jealous," Justin said with a smile, running his fingers through Brian's still damp hair. Brian pulled him onto his lap, leaning him back to kiss him firmly on the lips.

"If you were marrying Aidan, I might have a twinge. Dee marrying Aidan doesn't make me jealous. Just nervous."

"But she'll be your aunt, Bri. A member of the clan."

"Brat," Brian pushed him back on the couch and spread out above him, thrusting his tongue between his lips and traveling his body with his hands. Justin moaned against his mouth, arching his back up to tilt his pelvis against Brian's, rubbing dick to dick as the heat flowed between them in an uninterrupted current of energy. Brian's robe floated to the floor and Justin kicked off his underwear, leaving no barriers to their skin. Brian pulled his kisses down Justin's tits, his concave belly, his pubes, tucking his erection between his lips to suck eagerly at his warm, vibrant flesh.

The knock on the door reverberated throughout the loft and Brian looked up Justin's belly just as Justin looked down. Their eyes met. Justin had his hands in Brian's hair, and he withdrew them with a defeated sigh. "Fuck!" Brian pulled on his robe, as Justin yanked the afghan over his body. Brian's erection was not unnoticeable beneath the thin silk as he slid open the door and glared at Michael, who was dressed up in a tie and blazer.

"You're early," Brian complained, blocking his entrance to the loft.

"I know. I thought we could have brunch before we go. Are you going to let me in?"


Michael laughed. "What do you mean, no?"

"I mean go out and get something to eat and then come back at the time we said and I'll be ready."

Michael glanced down Brian's body and saw the evidence of what was going on. "Are you with a trick?"

"I'm with Justin!" He exploded. "NOW GO!" He slid the door shut on Michael's questioning face, and returned to Justin, dropping his robe as he crossed the room. Justin focused on Brian's hard-on as he walked, noticing that the term "swinging dick" didn't necessarily imply a dick in repose. This one stuck straight up and bobbed back and forth with each step like the wand on a metronome. Justin threw off the afghan and pushed Brian down on the couch as he reached him, straddling his torso and reaching back to guide his penetration. He used his pre-cum for lube, and no condom was fetched. Lately, they seldom used condoms with each other since their extra-curricular sexual partners had become virtually nil.

Brian entered Justin's tight rectum and his feelings of jealousy about Dee or unease about his uncle's precipitous proposal or marriage in general became lost in the extremity of his passion for his lover.


Michael was still pouting in the back of the Jeep as Brian drove them into the countryside. Brian and Justin were both wearing Prada, a little treat Brian bought for Justin when they were boutique shopping on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Justin's suit was navy blue, with the signature military piping on the pants leg and a high button jacket, very youthful, very flattering. Brian's suit was more traditionally styled and dove gray in color. Michael wore his Big Q markdowns without a hint of fashion envy.

"The ring," Brian said to Justin, who produced it from his pocket for the second time since leaving Pittsburgh.

"Would you chill? It's fine."

"I just hope you two can make it through the ceremony before you have to sneak off somewhere and fuck each other blind," Michael whined from the back. Justin rolled his eyes while Brian responded, "I don't know, Michael, I saw on Real Sex where this wedding ceremony took place while the best man was porking the maid of honor from the back. It might add some flavor to an otherwise dull evening."

Justin laughed as Michael glared at them and said, "I saw that show. That was at a wedding held at some perv convention in San Francisco. If you're getting married there, you can expect something that stupid."

"My mother will be there today. She usually has a calming effect on my libido," Brian reassured him.

Justin leaned over to kiss Brian's ear, letting his tongue trace down Brian's long neck to his collar. "I can get around that. I have before."

"Do you mind? I'm getting carsick back here as it is." Michael paused then said, "I don't see why we have to celebrate this wedding. It's still odd that she's in love with Aidan all of a sudden and after all this time."

"Better than if she were in love with Brian," Justin said and Michael shrugged.

"At least I would understand that since she had a crush on him in high school. What a skank. Fucking Aidan like that."

Brian tensed. "She was a kid and Aidan was very seductive. That does not make her a skank."

"You wouldn't have been so forgiving if you knew at the time. I remember how you were when she left town. You were all torn up over it. Imagine if you knew she was pregnant and with your uncle's baby?"

Justin leaned over the seat, glaring at him. "What's wrong with you? That was a long time ago. Brian is a completely different person now. For one thing, he knows he's gay. For another, he loves me."

"Oh please," Michael scoffed. "You're just the trick who wouldn't go home."

Brian reached back and smacked Michael on the arm, hard enough to bring a protest from him. "He's a lot more than that."

Justin beamed at him, kissing his cheek and resting his hand on his thigh as Michael pouted in silence for the remainder of the drive. Once they arrived at the farm, they saw the fairy lights in the trees and shrubbery, white and steady burning to signify a celebration. A few in the Kinney clan had already arrived and Brian presumed the Jaguar belonged to Dee's mother. Inside, they were greeted by Mick who looked spiffy in a suit with a sprig of white baby's breath and orange blossom pinned to his lapel.

"You look wack," he accused Justin with a smile. Justin returned the compliment and Mick focused on Brian. "My Mom wants to see you. She's in the master bedroom upstairs."

"Okay, but let Aidan know I'm here. Are you alright?"

"Sure, fine. Come on, Justin, I want to show you something."

As Brian climbed the stairs, he noticed the old house had been decorated with an abundance of white flowers, interspersed with cream colored roses and ivory candles. It was a beautiful and meaningful setting, and he was impressed by their efforts.

"Brian!" His mother's voice stopped him cold. "Where are you going?"

"To see Dee."

"She'll be busy."

"She asked to see me, Mom." She walked up the stairs to speak to him in a low, confidential tone of voice.

"Do you really think it was appropriate to bring your...your..."

"Lover?" he said bluntly. "Yes, Mother, I do. He's a good friend to Mick, Dee's son, and he was specifically invited."

"What'll your other aunts and uncles think?"

"That you raised a faggot, Mom," he replied, leaving her there as he continued up the stairs and knocked at the closed door to the room where Dee was dressing. Her mother answered, older, but as beautiful as ever.

"Brian!" She greeted him with a kiss on the cheek. "DIdn't you grow up well! Come in. She's a raw nerve. I'll leave you two alone and make sure my brother is ready to walk her down the aisle. If he celebrates early with too much champagne, those stairs may turn this into a comedy."

She elegantly found a way to leave them alone, cool and sophisticated as always. Dee was standing before the oval cheval mirror, her back to Brian. He admired her from that perspective as well as from her reflection. She looked stunning in an ivory colored peau de soie suit with a matching lace camisole under the jacket. Her hair was swept up with only some baby's breath woven into the style to lend a little special emphasis.

"You look gorgeous," he said quietly, and she turned to face him, forcing a smile.

"I'm paralyzed with fear. My first wedding was signing up in a magistrate's office in Brussels. This is so intimidating. Do you think I'm too old for the fuss?"

"If you are, what's Aidan?"

She laughed. "The groom's age doesn't count."

"You're even more beautiful than the day I met you, Dee," he said honestly and she came over to hug him tightly.

"So are you, Brian. Are you alright with all this?"

He pushed her to arm's length, holding tightly to her biceps. "All the pain I carried around when you left has been replaced by the sense that I facilitated a happy ending, Dee. I could never make you happy or vice versa. After the initial shock about Aidan and you wore off, I saw the positive aspects of it. He's been alone his whole life, and you've been alone awhile, yourself. You guys share a beautiful son. I'm not a big believer in happily ever after, but if it can happen, I hope it happens to you two."

Her eyes glistened with unshed tears. "Don't make me ruin my makeup. Someday, I want to be watching you going through a similar ceremony with Justin. That boy really loves you and it's obvious how you feel about him."

Brian winced. "One wedding at a time, Dee."

"Thanks for letting Mick stay with you while we're on our honeymoon."

"No problem. He and Justin will have a blast and make me nuts. He does understand about our relationship, right? I mean we would never do anything in front of him to make him uncomfortable, but..."

She smiled. "He knows you're lovers. He's cool with that, Brian. Kids today aren't as judgmental as we were."

"I wish that were true," he said, thinking of Justin's bashing.

"Time," someone called through the door, and Brian kissed her gently.

"To what might have been, and to the greatest happiness for you two."

He left her there, passing her uncle on the stairs as he prepared to fulfill his duties as best man.

Following the ceremony and the cake cutting and the bridal toasts, the dancing began. Brian took Justin in his arms, ignoring the looks they drew from the provincials as they danced slowly, their bodies swaying in perfect symmetry.

"You didn't fuck up," Justin teased. "You didn't even fumble the ring."


"And you looked beautiful."

"Shut up," he pulled him into a tight embrace. "Thanks for being here."

"Wouldn't miss it. Dee looked beautiful."

"I know."

"Did it make you sad to see her marry another man?"

"A little nostalgic, not sad. The way you'll feel when Daphne gets married."

"Who would marry Daph?" Justin said with a laugh.

"A lot of guys. She's hot."

"I know but...oh well. I guess it could happen. Brian, could it ever happen for us?"

"A commitment ceremony?"


"Let me think. Uh, no."

"Because you don't love me enough?"

"Because it's so not me, Justin."

"So long as you love me, it doesn't really matter," Justin said bravely. Brian said nothing. "Can't you tell me?"

"I told you last night."

"It doesn't count when you're coming."

"Why not? Who can lie when they're shooting a wad?"

Justin laughed. "Okay, never mind. I know better than to ask."

The music swelled and Brian pulled him closer, pressing his mouth against Justin's ear as he whispered, "I love you." Justin smiled and spread his hands on Brian's back, leaning back for a kiss. The kiss was long and intimate and controversial, creating years of gossip for the Kinney clan. Justin didn't care. All that mattered to him was what he had just heard Brian say. It became easier every day between them. As for the rest of it, he could be patient. He was still young. But he knew it would come and he wanted it to be here, in the house where Brian was once happy, a wedding just like this one. Small, but elegant.

"I love you too, baby," he whispered to Brian as the kiss ended and this time Brian let him get away with the endearment as he spun with him in the tight clutch of a dance for life.

The End

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July 25, 2004