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by Randall Morgan

Because I was unable to post as usual last week, here is a bonus chapter. Enjoy. Tried to work on format, we'll see. (Ok, it looks absolutely normal right now, so if it screws up, its something that happens between the pasting and the posting. Here goes....)

Chapter 25: Brian's POV


What the fuck am I doing in Wexford, Ireland? In an ancient, stone, barrel- shaped tunnel leading from the main part of town to some oceanside quay? At fucking midnight? With a terrified Justin shivering in the damp chill as he squeezes my arm so tightly that I've lost all feeling in my hand, and who practically trips me, he's walking so close to my body? I'm too old for this shit. It might have been adventurous once, maybe, but now I keep thinking I could be at home, in my nice big bed, in my nice big loft, with my nice blond partner, in a civilized country, where fairies are still just another name for faggots.

Oh swell, now we have some sleety rain to add atmosphere. And it sounds like rats scurrying around on these damp, brick streets. When does this fucking tunnel end? I can see the diffused glow of a street light at the opening far ahead, and the old oncoming train joke comes to mind, as Justin stops me.

"I have to piss."

I roll my eyes. "Couldn't you have done that before we left?"

"I did. I have to go again."

He unzips and sends a slash against the stones on the wall, and I lean into his back, cradling my face in his hair. Warm, familiar, I feel better just inhaling him. My hand slips around, and replaces his hand on his cock. He dampens my fingers, but I don't mind. He gets a little less spongy when it's my hand guiding the action. When the stream stops, I stroke him and he moans and leans into me. I kiss the nape of his neck as my dick begins to throb. He's erect now, and I continue stroking him as my tongue moves up his neck. Vaguely, I wonder what the penalties are for homosexual conduct in Ireland? Life? Probably, in this retro Catholic-dominated country.

Not that it matters.

This is happening.

I lower his jeans, under his fine ass, and push him forward so he can brace himself against the bricks. No lube. Shit. I pull my dick out and hold my hand under his chin. "Spit," I command him. He does so, and I use it and a little of my own to slick up my boner.

"Fuck me," I hear him say. He's as hot as I am. I position it and bite into his shoulder as I ram it in. He moans, pleasure and pain blending into one. I know how he likes it, sometimes, rough and hard and less than pretty. So do I. My dick glides up that familiar path. I swear his ass is shaped just like my cock, it's such a perfect fit. His cock jumps in my hand, encouraged by the penetration. I pull him and thrust forward, hard, harder, nibbling his neck, feeling his hair tickle my face. Harder, faster, frantic… almost crazy with desire. His ass rocks back on me, drawing it out of me and he shoots against the wall, his dick pulsating in my fist with each shot.

I push it all the way up, one more time, and then I blow my load. I collapse my face beside his and we're both fogging the air as we gasp and wait for normalcy to return. "That was hot," I whisper in his ear and he giggles. I love it when he giggles.

"We're such freaks," he states the obvious, as I let my dick slip out of him, and sacrifice a fine linen handkerchief to his clean up. Zipped and somehow fortified, we leave the DNA-soaked tunnel to step out into the icy sleet and find ourselves facing a small quay on the black water, where several watercraft are moored in neighboring berths. A man steps out of the shadows, clad in a long black leather coat, the orange tip of his cigarette glowing through the gloom. Sean.

"You're late," he snaps at us and I glance at Justin and smile.

"Had to see a man about a horse."

He appears clueless at that homily and takes us to a small cabin cruiser, then down some steps, into the cramped interior of the boat. Where we find my cousin Jimmy seated at a table, drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette. What the fuck? Jimmy looks up at me and shrugs.

"Evenin', cuz."

"What the fuck?" I demand, sitting down on the bench across the table from him and drawing Justin down beside me. "Your sister is worried sick about you."

"I know, and I regret that."

"Regret, hell!"

"It was important for Ronan to come with you on this quest and she was more likely to pursue me than she was to accompany you."

"Why is it so important? Are you putting her in some kind of danger?"

Jimmy glares at me, reminding me of just how big he is without making a move. "I would never endanger my sister. You're the one endangering her, endangering all of us with your traitorous allegiances."

I raise a single brow, annoyed by that accusation. "Now I'm a traitor? To what country?"

"To humanity."

"Christ, you make me sound like Hitler. I never wanted any of this crap. All I want now is to ensure my son is well, and then I'll get the fuck out of this crazy country!"

"Your sister encouraged me to bring Brian here, you know," Justin interjects. "We corresponded and talked on the phone, planned the whole thing. If you didn't want him here, why did you let her lure him over?"

"I can't control what Ronan chooses to do. I tried to discourage her. She wouldn't listen to me."

"It's pre-destination, Jim," Sean reassures him. "It was meant to be. They wanted Brian home, and they used your sister as a conduit, just as they used this one. And now he's here. They want something from you, Brian, and they generally get what they want."

"And you don't want something from me?"

"Brian, you've seen what they can do. They killed my family. They're killing your son. Is this a force you want to see infiltrate our world?"

I frown at him. Why is it that a non-political animal such as me is always getting involved in these political struggles? I find politics boring. And yet, here I am again, in the middle of a controversy. Fuck. "Look, before I came here, I thought fairies were a bunch of middle-aged faggots who run around naked in the woods, or a Disney cartoon slut with great legs. I never wanted any part of this. They roped me in by threatening my child. He's my concern in this melodrama. As long as he's in danger, then I'm doing whatever it takes to save him and fuck all of you and the fairies too."

"And you think you can trust them to keep up a bargain for his safety?" Sean digs in, and Jason responds.

"What else can we do? We're fucked no matter what we do!"

I cast my gaze on Jimmy. "How did you get involved, anyway? You aren't `tainted in the blood'."

He reaches over and closes his hand over Sean's as he stares coolly at me. Sean smiles and I put it together. Duh. Guess Seanny-boy turned a different way after losing the little woman. Justin squeezes my hand, but I don't dare look at him, or I'll start laughing. We have this little joke that, under the right circumstances, any man can be gay. Further proof of our claim. But then, these fairies and fairy half-breeds seem to have the right idea about sex. Flexibility rules. Well, except for this half-breed. I gave up flexibility when I discovered how good it was with dick.

"Congratulations and all that, boys, but where do we go from here? What is your agenda, besides the big plan? And who's the leader of your pack? From the inside, I mean. Always someone on the inside."

They look at each other and Sean smiles. "Not yet, Brian, not yet. How can we trust you?"

"You can't. May we go now? We're tired."

"You're not a prisoner, Brian. You came here of your own free will, you can leave the same way."

I hesitate. "Tell me why Ronan is involved."

"She's my touchstone, just as this one and your bairn are yours, Brian," Jimmy says. "Other than Sean, she's the one most likely to be targeted if they want to hit me, because they know I care for her. But if I keep her close to me, we can better protect her."

I shake my head. "This is so ridiculous. It truly is. It can't be happening."

"It is happening, and you know it."

"Knowing and accepting, two different things."

"We dinna want you here, Brian," Sean says. "We tried to frighten you into going home with that event at Trinity. But it's gone too far for that now. So now our only hope is to turn your head, to make you see reason and to use your status to do good."

"I'll tell you one more time, the only goal I have in this is to save my son."

"Understood. But you must realize this, Brian. The only way to save your bairn, to lift the curse of the Unseelie, is either to have the Unseelie release it while there is still time, which will never happen, or to sacrifice one of your blood in place of the babe, one life force for another, and then only under the aegis of a powerful maker of magick."

"You mean like Jimmy here?" I threaten and Sean smiles.

"No, of your sidhe blood, the other side of your clan."

"Like myself?"

Justin reaches over and squeezes my arm. I don't dare look at him, I can only imagine the terror on his face. Sean nods. "You or someone in your bloodline."

"You're telling me my choice is murder or suicide to save my son? Excuse me, Sean, but I don't believe you. Why should I?"

"Believe what you will, but I learned too late the unbinding."

Justin stands up abruptly. "I have to get out of here."

I glance at him, read his panic. Stand. He precedes me up the stairs and as I follow, Sean says, "Choose sides, carefully, Brian. You can't go back once you do."

With that, I leave, chasing my lover onto the quay and pulling him into my arms when he resists. He finally collapses against me with a gasp that sounds more like a sob. "Please take me home, Brian! Let's get out of here. Please!"

"Soon," I whisper into his hair, rubbing soothing hands across his back. "Soon."

I mean it. Home is in his immediate future, the only question still unanswered is whether he'll be making that trip alone.

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July 25, 2004