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The Quiet Men - click on image to see the full size graphic

Chapter 1
This is a teaser for a little multi-part B/J fiction I've been toying with. Takes place like three years after the Stockwell defeat. Interest level?

Chapter 2
Ok, don't get too spoiled. I just wanted to get the first three chapters posted rather quickly so here it is. Don't think this will continue, because it won't. Even I don't write that fast!

Chapter 3

Chapter 4
Okay, still spoiling you, but won't post again until Sunday. I think.

Chapter 5
Here is the latest. Yes, it takes a weird turn. But the weird is just starting, so hang on.

Chapter 6
A little late week treat. At least I HOPE you think it's a treat! LOL

Chapter 7
If I haven't mentioned it before, this story is dedicated to my magical Irishman, Brian, who is still away. I've always loved Ireland, but after meeting Brian, I realized just how great the people are who hail from that little island. Compassionate, funny, beautiful and spiritual, Brian is Ireland to me.

Chapter 8
Here is the latest. Enjoy!

Chapter 9
Next up in this bizarre little fantasy of mine....

Chapter 10
Here is your mid-week fix. Curiouser and curiouser. Enjoy, Ran

Chapter 11
Why am I posting today instead of tomorrow? Why not. The fairies made me do it. Enjoy.

Chapter 12
Here's a Wednesday chapter for you! Enjoy. Ran

Chapter 13
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, EVERYONE! A little giftie from Randall.

Chapter 14
Here is the bonus chapter. Gets creepy in this one. Hold on to your hats, or whatever.

Chapter 15
Ok, guys, here is the next spooky chapter...LOL! Ran

Chapter 16
Because I will be traveling this week, and won't be able to post on Wednesday, here is another chapter in the saga. Ran

Chapter 17
Sorry its a day late, for those who noticed. Ran

Chapter 18
Because I am traveling again tmo, here is another chapter of the saga. Enjoy. Ran

Chapter 19

Chapter 20
Because I will be gone after tmo thru Saturday, I wanted to go ahead and post the Wednesday segment of TQM. Hope you enjoy it. I won't be checking in after tonight until the weekend so if you have any comments, or questions, pls share them today. Thanks to all of you for being my friends and my distraction while Brian was away. It was a very difficult four months, well, almost four months, but it's OVER now, and in about twenty-four hours, we'll be together. Can't wait. Again, thanks for being there for me. Enjoy the story. Love to all, Ran

Chapter 21

Chapter 22
Happy St. Paddy's to ye all!!!! Wear the green today! In honor of the holiday, a chapter that is somewhat of a kiss to Eire. Enjoy, Randall

Chapter 23
Here's the latest. Enjoy, Ran

Chapter 24

Chapter 25
Because I was unable to post as usual last week, here is a bonus chapter. Enjoy. Tried to work on format, we'll see. (Ok, it looks absolutely normal right now, so if it screws up, its something that happens between the pasting and the posting. Here goes....)

Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29
You still reading this?? LOLOL! Enjoy the premiere tonight, everyone!! Ran

Chapter 30

Chapter 31
Here it is. Leaving town, so.....

Chapter 32
Ok, here it is, shut up already!!! LOL

Chapter 33
I haven't forgotten you guys, I've just been really busy....sorry

Note from the webmistress: Apparently the faeries decided Randall was telling too many of their secrets, because his muse vanished into the mists at this point. If inspiration strikes again, he'll return to it, but you know how stubborn both muses and faeries can be...

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July 25, 2004