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Just Ask Me
Marry Me
Lofty Ideas
Blue Lights
Deconstructing Brian/Between the Sessions
Letters Home (includes "Dark Canal")
Reconstructing Brian
Mickey Dee
Transitions (includes "Six & a Half Weeks")
Open Letters
  To Brian Kinney from Justin Taylor
  To Justin Taylor from Brian Kinney
The Quiet Men (unfinished)
Coup de Grace, a fantasy season 5 (unfinished)
Sixty Tricks in Sixty Days
Adrian to Brian, Brian to Adrian
Silence and Tears

Holiday & Stand-Alone Fics

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Sept. 2002)
Forever (Halloween, 2002)
Mrs. Brian Kinney (Thanksgiving, 2002)
Par-Rumpa-Pum-Pum (Christmas, 2002)
The Seven Stages of Brian and Gus (New Year's, 2003)
Last Man Standing (Valentine's Day, 2003)
Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby (Mother's Day, 2003)
Queer Eye On The Pittsburgh Guy (Labor Day, 2003)
Brian, Brian Burning Bright (Nov., 2003)
The Other Side of the Fence (Thanksgiving, 2003)
Empty Stockings (Christmas, 2003)
Never Brought to Mind (New Years 2005)
The Stars Were Brightly Shining (Christmas 2005)
Santa Claus Is Cumming To Town (Christmas 2007)
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July 25, 2004